Ageing Healthily

  1. Ageing Healthily: monthly Open Day Talk. March 25.

4.30 to 5.30 pm., at the Narara Ecovillage, 25 Research Road, Narara, NSW 2250, following the site tours and project Q and A (1.30-4 pm.).

Dr. Catherine Rickwood and Dr. Karen Bridgman, of Three Sisters Research, will talk on “Ageing Healthily and Wellness, including the role of complementary medicine”.

Five Facts About Ageing You May Not Know:

  • One-third of Australia’s population is over 50 years of age, of which 80% are between 50 – 74 years old.
  • Baby boomers are better educated, more technology literate, fitter, and healthier than previous generations.
  • Baby boomers spend more per head than younger people.
  • There is greater diversity of attitudes, beliefs, behaviours, and lifestyles amongst people over 50 than there is with those under this age.
  • Those over 50 have a sense of freedom, confidence, and an overall sense of happiness and wellbeing compared with their younger counterparts.



Dr. Catherine Rickwood, Founder & CEO of Three Sisters Research, is an Australian expert on the ageing population and the over 50’s. As the Founder and CEO of the Three Sisters Group, she is a member of the Australian Association of Gerontology and is committed to being at the forefront of knowledge by attending leading Australian conferences and continuously being involved in original research in the area of ageing.


Dr Karen Bridgfman

Dr Karen Bridgman. Coming from a Nuclear Medicine background, Karen has worked clinically as a Naturopath for over 30 years in a holistic medical practice and a private pathology laboratory. She was one of the first Naturopaths to qualify for a PhD and lectured at the University of Sydney (Masters of Herbal Medicine), and UWS in Nutrition and Clinical Studies. She has been on University Academic Review Committees for Complementary Medicine education.

Karen was a founder of NHCA (Natural Health Care Alliance), was on the Board of the International Cancer Association Network and was an executive director for the Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia. She has a strong interest in transformative education.

This talk is followed by a Community Dinner at 6 p.m., all welcome, bring a plate to share. Enquiries: