Camino Narara? A Spiritual, Sculptural and Meditative Trail.

At 1.30 pm on Sunday 28 May,  7 speakers will discuss their ideas for a “Narara Camino”, a sculptural and meditative trail.

This follows the May 2017 Narara Ecovillage Open Day tours and presentation from 10.30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Morning mist at NEV

Around the world there are many ways of “Deep Walking”: Cosmic Walks, Yatras (silent walks), the Caminos of France and Spain, sculpture and art trails, the Five Lands Walk: the landscapes of Cambodia and S.E. Asia are filled with Buddhist shrines and temples; in Greece you find little shrines under trees and beside streams; there are heritage walks, museum interpretation trails, and various great Nature Discovery walks that we have done in National Parks in Australia, New Zealand and North America. And these trails are used for processions and festivals, marches and dancing. Can we incorporate the best elements of all of these in some new format at Narara?

Camino Trev and Scilla


Dave Parris mountain bike trip

Dave Parris mountain bike trip

Sculpture trail Tasmania

Following the presentations and discussion from 1.30 to 3 pm, there will be a (optional and weather –permitting) guided walk to the magnificent Arboretum.

The cost to attend this session and any other part of the Open Day is $10 adult, $20 family, free to members of the Narara Ecovilage Co-operative and the Narara Eco Living Network. It is not necessary to book in adavance.