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Village News

So long 2020, and a big warm, collaborative welcome to 2021

-Lyndall Parris

At Narara Ecovillage, we are looking forward to an exciting year of further homes being built in Stage 1, and progressing Stage 2, for which interest is going gangbusters. At the more micro level, we are getting to know our neighbours, boosting our care for the land and food production and fine-tuning our systems and processes.

Good neighbours are key here in the village and we saw the strength of this during 2020, where we were able to have a physically-distanced chat at the Coffee Cart, recycling bin area or out on a walk. Here we are able to get advice, tell or hear a story and have a laugh.

With more families on site, we now have some beautiful support systems and fun in place for parents and kids, including a diverse school holiday program (with everything from rock climbing, Aboriginal culture and crafts), burgeoning kids circle and the coolest wild playground on the CC!

Collaborative living at the village

As many of you know, the Central Coast Council has been in trouble, with an Administrator appointed last year to sort out some of their woes. We think you may be keen to hear one silver lining, and that is there has been progress towards adoption of the Consolidated Local Environment Plan that may allow 550sqm lots to be subdivided for dual occupancy. This means separate titles and smaller lots and is huge for our goal to offer a more affordable lot purchase option, as well as encouraging smaller footprint homes.

In addition to this good news, we are facilitating relationships, and providing essential planning, financial, legal and architectural information for further affordability options. Currently, we have 30 people registered for our Collaborative Living at Narara Ecovillage exploration, aka our CLAN group.

Events at the Village

Australia Day early morning Bird Walk and Talk at Narara Ecovillage Tues Jan 25

Tuesday 25 January 2021, 7 – 9.30 am

-Richard Cassels

Celebrate the remarkable birdlife (and other wildlife) of Australia with a guided walk at the Narara Ecovillage. Discover and discuss the unique “Australian-ness” of our birds.

Meet at the Cassels home at 42 Gugandi Road, Narara Ecovillage, at 7 am for an introduction and quick snack, then explore the ecovillage property and adjacent parts of Strickland Forest, before returning for refreshments and wrap up.   

Cost $35 each, $25 for members of Narara Eco Living Network and Narara Ecovillage Co-operative. Percentage of gross takings to Narara Eco Living Network.

B and B accommodation available at Bellbird House, Narara Ecovillage. Private entrance guest room with ensuite, see Special rates for NEV and NELN Members. Bookings ph. Nicky 0411 765 770.

  • Numbers limited (12)
  • COVID safety plan in place. 
  • Not active enough for small children!
  • Cost $35 each, $25 for members of Narara Eco Living Network and Narara Ecovillage Co-operative. Percentage of gross takings go to Narara Eco Living Network.
  • Enquiries: 0400 601 668.
  • Reservation essential. For reservation, email Richard Cassels at

Another Narara Eco Living Network activity

Photos by Richard Cassels

Narara Ecovillage: private tours available

Tours are fully booked now for our Open Day on Saturday morning but if you can’t wait till our February Open Day to visit, we are offering private tours for the small fee of $50.

For more events at the village, check out our calendar

Sociocracy in Action – Decision Making, Sat Jan 30

Back by popular demand!

Ever get frustrated with how groups make decisions … or don’t? Would you like to experience how this happens in Sociocracy?

Sociocracy uses a specific process to achieve consent from all members.

In this two-hour workshop, we will step you through the process so you can learn the keys to success and go away with a much clearer understanding.

  • How is consent decision making distinct from unanimity or voting?
  • How does decision making tie in with having clear group aims?
  • What is the importance of equivalence and transparency?
  • How can a facilitator lead a group to consent?

The workshop is fully interactive so you get to apply the skills right away to integrate your learning.

  • January 30th 2 pm to 4 pm, Narara Ecovillage in the Village Hall.
  • One free place available for a volunteer helper, who is a member of NELN. Contact if you want to volunteer.
  • Follow this link to learn more and register

Other stuff

How Wolves Change Rivers: a trophic cascade in Yellowstone National Park.

How Wolves Change Rivers

This amazing 4.5 minute video explains how reintroducing wolves into Yellowstone National Park resulted in massive positive changes in the ecosystem. 


Narara Eco Living Network Annual Report & Financial Statements 

Check out the 2020 report & financial Statements here