Discover the world of modular homes.

Don’t miss the presentation: “Modular Homes: the sustainable homes of the future?”, by Adam Farrow, General Manager of Built Smart Modular Homes. Built Smart’s factory is at nearby Lisarow. The presentation will include an introduction to modular homes, the advantages of modular homes, and how to work with a modular home company to […]



Weed of the month – Fleabane

Weed of Focus for March – Fleabane (Conyza species)    What is it? Fleabane belongs to a large genus (group of species) called Conya. What does fleabane look like? Originating in America, Fleabane is an upright annual herb with a single stem up to 1 to 2m high. Found on […]

Sunday open day.

We trialled a different format today and for those that came along we’d love to hear your feedback. What did we do differently? Well for one we held the Narara Eco Village open day on a Sunday instead of the usual Saturday. We brought the start time forward to 11am […]


Report from the “Future of Money” seminar

Missed the seminar? Take a look at the flier. REPORT FROM THE SEMINAR Future of Money – Narara Ecovillage Sat 5/9/15 John Seed and John Shiel, Narara Ecovillage Around 40 people attended the Future of Money seminar and workshop at Narara Ecovillage on Saturday 5/9/15. See Jonathan Dawson’s video here along with […]

Findhorn Community Centre

A taste of Findhorn.

Findhorn is listed as one of the top Ecovillages to visit before you die. It is a half century old community based in the North of Scotland and recognised by the UN as a sustainability teacher. This dynamic education charitable trust has a strong internal community and a decade old […]

WOTM – Blackberry Nightshade

This month’s weed of the month (WOTM) is Blackberry Nightshade (Solanum Nigrum) What is it? Blackberry nightshade is part of the Solanaceae family that also includes tomatoes, eggplant and capsicum. It is probably native to Europe and is now widespread and very common in Australia. It is one of Australia’s […]

Blackberry Nightshade


We are now on Facebook.

We are slowly expanding our social voice – this time onto a dedicated Narara Eco Living Network facebook page. Of course we’ve had the Narara Ecoburbia page is still going strong, bringing the latest information on our wonderful festival (next one 16 April 2106). But now there is a Facebook page […]