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Experience Damanhur  – “The most evolved community on Earth”?

 Two workshops / presentations at the Narara Ecovillage.

Adventures in Community Building & Inner Transformation, with Damanhur ambassadors Squalo and Tridacna.

Early Bird bookings have now closed. However – please come along on and pay on the day.

Costs are:

  • Saturday $40
  • Sunday $90

Session 1.  Saturday 6th February 2016   2.30 pm – 5 .30 pm

An Introduction to the Damanhur Way.

  • Philosophy & way of life
  • Lessons from over 30 years experience of community living
  • Video presentation of the village and unique Temples of Humankind
  • Questions & Discussion


$40 on the day

Early bird payment

$35 ($30 for NELN members).

Book and pay now (by Direct Debit or Paypal) here. Early Bird discount ends at 5 p.m.on Thursday February 4.

Saturday evening 6 pm.

Community dinner:  mingle with & meet the presenters, fellow participants and Narara Ecovillage members. Pot luck,  BYO– please bring a dish to share.

Session 2.  Sunday 7th February 2016   9am – 3.30 pm

Damanhur Experiences

  • An experiential day with meditations and discussion
  • Exploring the Temples of Humankind meaning & energy
  • Reawakening to our unity and connection to nature
  • Questions & Discussion

Tea and coffee provided, BYO lunch.


$90 at the door (Cash or cards)

Early bird payment:

$85 ($75 for NELN members).

Book and pay now (by Direct Debit or Paypal) here. Early Bird discount ends at 5 p.m.on Thursday February 4.


Damanhur forum

More information on Damanhur, an artistic and spiritual eco-community in Northern Italy (www.damanhur.org):

Founded in 1975, the Federation of Damanhur is an Italian eco-society based upon ethical and spiritual values. Damanhur is home to 800 citizens, and it extends over 1,200 acres of land at the foothills of the Piedmont Alps. Damanhur promotes a culture of peace, solidarity, respect for the environment, art, and social and political activism. Courses and events are open to the public year round, and it is possible to visit for short periods as well as longer stays for study, vacation, and regeneration.

Damanhur is 90% self-sustainable, with more than 80 businesses that foster agricultural and economic independence. Damanhur has a Constitution, complementary currency system, newspaper, art studios, centers for research and the practice of medicine, open university, and education for children from elementary through middle school.

Damanhur operates additional centers throughout the world and collaborates with other international organizations engaged in the social and spiritual development of the planet.

Damanhur’s Temples of Humankind – often called the “Eighth Wonder of the World” – comprise an extraordinary underground network of chapels dedicated to the reawakening of the Divine essence in every human being. The art studios that contributed to the stained glass, mosaics, and frescoes in the Temples are located at

Damanhur Crea, a center for innovation, wellness, and research, which is open to the public every day of the year.

Damanhur has received world-wide recognition for its innovative and inspiring approach to life. It has been a member of the Global Eco-Villages Network since 1988. In 2005, the community received a United Nations sustainability award, and in 2007,Enlighten Nextmagazine voted Damanhur “the most evolved community on Earth”.


Damanhur temple

Images above from http://www.damanhur.org.