About Narara Eco Living Network

We are

  • A not for profit incorporated association* promoting Eco-living in all walks of our community

  • A network made up of people & groups who are interested in learning about & collaborating to live sustainably

  • An ever growing network created by you & me – the more we grow, the stronger we become

  • Local, to the Central Coast of NSW

  • A global, connected to people & organisations who share our passion everywhere

Who is the community?

You, me, anyone who shares a patch of environment, be it a school, a road, a playground, a water source, a place to shop, the same air. However we’re connected in some way.

What do we mean by Eco-Living?

Eco-Living is about making choices & taking action to enable harmonious & sustainable living for ourselves, each other, & generations to come. It’s a mindset of gratitude to that which sustains us: our environment; our social connections & family; our personal wellbeing. When all these systems are operating healthily & congruently, they are by definition sustainable.

How can I get involved?

Simply become a member to join us!

Membership brings many benefits including free or discounted entry to our events. However if you’d prefer we’d happily accept any donation. You can donate securely using PayPal.

How to become a member

Complete the application form online or on paper and send in via email or post.

Annual membership is $20 per individual, or $40 for couples & families

What does membership get me?

  • As a member you are a valuable part of an ever expanding network of people who care about their surroundings & what they will leave their children. We are a movement: enabling consciously joyful living in suburbia, why wouldn’t you be excited about being a part of that!
  • Regular newsletters full of interesting stuff about what’s happening in our developing Narara Ecovillage and our wider community
  • Free entry to monthly ‘talks’ by experts in their field: Click the here to see what’s on in 2015
  • Access to all Narara Ecovillage Open Days and some community dinners held at the village

*Association name: Narara Eco Living Network Inc; Association number: INC9886885