In the last 18 months, and especially since May 2021, NELN, like many organisations, have had to wind back our activities due to the pandemic. One highlight of the year was Sustainable House Day at Narara Ecovillage, held in Sept 2020, which was sparsely but enthusiastically attended, and included guided […]

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Network News SEPTEMBER 2021 Feature The Amazing Superb Fairy-wren -Richard Cassels Bouncing around like highly energised ping-pong balls, Superb Fairy-wrens are a continuous source of fascination and entertainment! These birds are so small they can become trapped in spider webs, yet they are great survivors.  Are they really Mormons? Do […]

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Feature Articles Spangled Drongo Dreaming ……………………………………………… -Richard Cassels In Australia, drongo means a stupid person. Wikipedia, citing the Oxford Dictionary and the Cassells’ Dictionary of Slang, says: ‘The word drongo is used in Australian as a mild form of insult meaning “idiot” or “stupid fellow”. This usage derives from an Australian racehorse of […]

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Feature article The Mistletoebird Trail -Richard Cassels Sometimes an ecovillage tucked away in a little inland valley can seem to be its own isolated little world. Suddenly the green clumps in the bare pecan trees at the ecovillage link us to many great stories and to other worlds This week […]

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Eco Living CLaN -Collaborative Living at Narara  -Tanya Mottl Formed initially as Shared Equity in 2017, this small group of collaborative or co-housing enthusiasts evolved into CLaN in 2019 when architect Graham Hunt of DHW first presented some ideas. Interest is growing, and we have found that regular Zoom meetings […]

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Summer 2019 – fire all around Technologies for building communities -Liz Bassett With about 150 Narara Ecovillage members, we often use technology to communicate, but not all methods work for large numbers of people: email & text messaging can be tortuous.  So we’ve tried a couple of online communication platforms. […]

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