Natural Building Course

Viva Homes, a “Built Green” accredited Master builder, will be running a
natural building course at Narara Ecovillage over four days, May 24, 25, 26,









With construction starting this year at the village, Collective Know-How, the
newly formed education enterprise of the Narara Ecovillage, invites you to
participate in this learning opportunity with members of the village. With only
five weeks to go, you are urged to register as soon as possibleas spaces are limited.

This course is suitable for DIY and professional builders alike. Members and
friends of the village, others interested, including licensed builders, who want
to learn about building with natural materials are encouraged to attend.
Principal, Sam Vivers, is a qualified Cert IV trainer with years of natural
building experience, who focuses on learning outcomes rather than having
work completed. The course will by 50:50 classroom theory and hands-on
practical training.

Over the 4 days topics will include:

  • House design including passive
  • Floor systems and foundations
  • Council, Bushfire & other zones
  • Overview of natural building materials
  • Earth floors
  • Reclaiming, reusing, recycling
  • And so much more!

This truly worthwhile investment is $660. Lunches and morning/afternoon teas are included.


We’ll probably be having a bbq on the Saturday night and pop down to the
pub on another evening.

For non-locals, there’s camping and accommodation
options, email:

The event is supported by the Narara Eco Living Network.

Limited spaces.