Our Values

The interplay between environmental, social and economic considerations is deemed as crucial to securing the overall sustainability of a community.

Some of the guiding values and objectives which we plan to demonstrate and share with the wider community are:

Environmental Sustainability

  • “Deep green”, cutting edge residential development which seeks to utilise Permaculture and best ecological technologies and practices available today.
  • Village design based on sustainability principles, as utilised successfully in leading ecovillages around the world.
  • Ecological buildings using passive solar design and sustainably sourced, natural materials.
  • Use of existing buildings wherever possible.
  • Collection and use of rainwater on site.
  • Water conservation through grey water recycling.
  • Sustainable waste treatment including composting toilet systems.
  • Use of renewable energy sources, such as solar power, with the option to feedback into the power grid.
  • Composting and recycling of all domestic wastes.
  • Use of walking and cycling as the predominant mode of transport within the pedestrian-friendly, human scale village.
  • Co-operative transport, such as carpooling, to minimise both costs and the environmental impact and to enhance community.
  • Preserving purity of air, soil and water through strict ecological standards.
  • Organic and/or bio-dynamic agricultural activities.
  • Encouragement of local wildlife and the management of domestic animals e.g. dogs and cats.
  • Preservation and rehabilitation of native vegetation.

Social Sustainability

  • Village design that facilitates community interaction and balances our need for private space.
  • All homes to be within walking distance of the village centre.
  • Active participation of residents in community decision making and governance.
  • Training in co-operative dispute resolution procedures to enhance community communication and decision making.
  • Inclusive community, welcoming the involvement of people from all ages, economic circumstances and cultural backgrounds.
  • Inclusive of people with disability through accessible design.
  • An interdependent culture of mutual support and respect.
  • Integration with the wider Central Coast community.
  • A village environment which is ideal for raising children – safe and rich in community with naturally designed play areas.
  • A community supporting people through all stages of their life.
  • Community building through joint activities, celebrations, shared interest groups, community organic garden and much more!

 Village vegie garden