The 2021-22 year was a period of consolidation for the Narara Eco Living Network (NELN). A new Aim and Domain were agreed, and procedures were streamlined for auspicing and insuring events at the Narara Ecovillage through NELN. Relationships were strengthened with NEV Education and NELN had a continued presence at […]

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Features Yes, ecovillages can be hi-tech Federal MP Gordon Reid and NEV Power member Dave Parris cut the “ribbon” to celebrate the battery launch -Chris Wenban and others With the official launch of the Narara Ecovillage Community Battery and ongoing development of a Smartgrid, NEV’s energy company ensures the village […]

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Dark Skies, Bush tucker, Events, Orchids, Ducks, Counting birds Features Our precious Dark Skies The Milky Way: John H, Narara Ecovillage A growing body of evidence has linked light pollution directly to ecological disruption and harm to human health, not to mention unnecessary energy consumption. What can you do about […]

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Feature Swift Parrot habitat rehabilitation: work begins! -Lorraine Hawdon Rehabilitation Begins – BEFORE AFTER “We all know the importance of planting trees and managing weeds, but winning this grant demonstrates the value of our work and makes sure that we actually do it!” -Guy Dutson, Ecologist. Excitement is growing at […]

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Feature Story Birdstrike! Above: Wonga pigeon at Narara -Richard Cassels Finding a beautiful bird dead below your window is awful. Even worse is the distinctive, surprisingly loud “bang” of a fast-flying bird colliding with a fixed glass window pane. There are two things you can do if you witness a […]

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March 2022 Network News Village news Hi-tech says Hi to old-tech: 3D mud wall printing Printed MUD wall Research project & Crowdfunding Request University researchers will team up with natural builders in a trial of cutting-edge 3D printing techniques to build a modular wall using local earth materials. Narara Ecovillage […]

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