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September 2020 Network News Humidity, Ventilation, Dust and Mould – Healthy Homes #4 In this six-part series, Narara Ecovillage member Mikala Dind (a building biologist) shares her knowledge about what makes houses healthy or unhealthy. While this article is about existing homes, the information will definitely assist anyone seeking to […]

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The Narara Eco Living Network is a community outreach association established by Narara Ecovillage to foster sustainable living in all its forms and promote the vision of the village. Feature article: Healthy homes series #1 – Age and Foundations -Mikala Dind In this six-part series, Narara Ecovillage member Mikala Dind shares […]

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Network News, Tuesday 26th May 2020 What is an Ecovillage? An ecovillage is an intentional or traditional community that is consciously designed to regenerate social and natural environments in the dimensions of social, cultural, ecological and economic sustainability. – Global Ecovillage Network Human-scale, full-featured settlements in which human activities are […]

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